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pine cone snowman craftChristmas Crafts Snowman

Snow boarding on a colorful leaf, this cheery snowman makes a perfect ornament. He is easy for kids to make from a dry pine cone.

snowman crochet patternCrochet Snowman Ornaments

Use up scraps of yarn and just a few notions to make these adorable snowman ornaments.

snowman ornament craftsGlass Ball and Styrofoam Snowman Ornament

Clear glass ornaments and styrofoam balls make up this cute snowman ornament

stitch a snowman with a secret pocketPocket Snowman Ornament

Use the blanket stitch to make a snowman ornament with a little pocket to hold a gift card or other little Christmas surprise.

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snowman craft ideas

Ice Cube Snowman Ornament

This unique snowman is made from glass ice cube gems. He is easy, fun and quick to make.

paper crafts for Christmas - spiral snowmanSpiral Snowmen Ornaments

Made from plain paper with construction paper accessories this snowman will make everyone smile.

snowman crochet patternCurly Leg Snowman Ornament

Fun crochet ornament to make a snowman with curly arms and legs like the old fashioned clown dolls. Original pattern available at Craft Elf.

snowman sewing patternCountry Snowman Ornaments

Stitch up a pair of these country snowman ornaments from muslin or an old sheet.

snowman craft ideas from StyrofoamStyrofoam Ball Snowman

Get ready to make a frosty decoration that won't melt when the weather gets warm!

s'more christmas ornamentS'more Snowman Ornament

Your Christmas tree will look yummy with these fun S'more ornaments hanging on it and you will be reminded of fun times around the campfire.

how to make a snowman ornamentPompom Snowman Ornament

This is a simple snowman craft the kids can help with. You fill a basic glass ball ornament with pompoms and add a face.

how to make an ice cream snowmanIce Cream Snowman

Yes these ornaments are actually made with real ice cream cones but don't worry they are sealed to protect them for years of enjoyment.

paper mache snowman ornament craft19th-Century Inspired Snowman Ornaments

Modeled after decorations in turn-of-the-19th-century style, these paper mache ornaments spread good cheer.