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Shiny Tinsel Wreath craftShiny Tinsel Wreath

Shatterproof ornaments make this a sparkly fun wreath that can weather the elements.

Reindeer wreath craftReindeer Wreath

Make the most unique wreath in your neighborhood with this reindeer wreath!

Candy Christmas wreathCandy Wreath

You will have visions of sugarplums dancing in your head when you make this sparkling holiday wreath

Tissue paper Christmas wreath craftTissue Paper Wreath

Very inexpensive way to decorate your home this holiday season.

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Holiday Welcome

Here you will find a wide variety of holiday wreaths ranging from wreaths that are easy for kids to make all the way up to wiring the greens onto your own eloquent wreath to a fun whimsical reindeer wreath. No matter which wreath you choose to make they all have one thing in common - they welcome your guests!

how to make a gumdrop wreathGumdrop Wreath

Fun Christmas activity for the whole family and a unique Christmas decoration too.

How to make a Christmas wreathBasic Wreath Making

Basic wreath making and information on different types of wreath forms.

how to make an evergreen wreathEvergreen Wreath

Learn how to make a wreath from garden clippings.

Easy kids Christmas wreath craftScrap Fabric Wreath

This simple wreath is made of scraps of fabric. Easy kids crafts.

No Sew Fabric wreathNo Sew Fabric Wreath

This holiday wreath can be made for any holiday, season or occasion by simply changing the fabric.

Christmas Ball wreath how to instructionsChristmas Ball Wreath

Great way to use up old ball ornaments you have hanging around the house.

tissue paper wreath for kids to craftKid Friendly Wreath

Kids will have fun crumpling tissue and gluing to make this festive holiday wreath.

Ice wreath craft instructionsIce Wreath

Provide a snack for your feathered friends and add a decorative touch to your yard.