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snowman pin craftSnowman Pins

Sew a cool snowman pin to wear every where you go.

Wooden Snowman craftSnow Family

These wooden snowmen are adorned in felt hats and scarves.

Learn to Sew SnowmanLearn to Sew Snowman

Teach a child to sew with this crafty snowman project.

Simple fleece snowmanSimple Fleece Snowman

Sew a snowman as a stocking topper or fill a basket with snowmen to decorate your home.

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snowman craft

Snowman Duo

Pattern included for these clay pot snowmen.

sock snowman craftSock Snowmen

Make a basket full of these little guys to keep near the fireplace.

Melting snowman craftMelting Snowman

You can easily make this fun snowman that looks like he is melting.

snowman craftGiant Cup Snowman

Grap a pack of cups and make them into a giant snowman. Click on the picture for free instructions.

snowman craft ideasKool Snowman

Make a snowman from a recycled Kool-aid container.

felt snowman decorationFelt Snowman Decoration

Use felt scraps in a variety of colors to make fun felt snowmen.

Beaded Snowman EaringsBeaded Snowman Earrings

Instructions to make adorable beaded snowman earrings.

Paper Mache SnowmanPaper Mache Snowman

This project is fun for all ages.

snowman coaster craftSnowman Coaster

Made from cork and paint theses snowman coasters go perfect with a cup of hot cocoa.