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Polymer clay snowflake tutorialPolymer Clay Snowflakes

Complete tutorial on how to make ultra light snowflake decorations.

snowflake templatesSnowflake Templates

Free snowflake pattern and template collection.

macaroni snowflakeMacaroni Snowflakes

Make snowflakes from macaroni and hang them on the tree, in a window or string them together to make a garland.

how to make wax snowflakesWax Snowflakes

Learn how to make snowflakes from beeswax.

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Snowflakes here, snowflakes there, snowflakes everywhere. That is where you will want to hang these beautiful winter wonders - Everywhere!

We have patterns and instructions to make snowflakes from polymer clay, paper, felt, lace and Styrofoam. Don't forget, snowflakes are perfect for the entire winter, not just Christmas..

howt to make a felt snowflakeTwo-sided Felt Snowflake

Just like real snowflakes, each one of these ornaments is unique.

snowflake craft ideasPaper Snowflakes

Learn how to fold and cut the perfect snowflake.

suncatcher snowflakeSuncatcher Snowflake

Fun caft for kids and a beautiful decoration for the home all in one.

snowflake craftsLace Snowflake

These snowflakes are simply made from lace and wire.

snowflake ornament

Smiley Snowflake

Use the free pattern to make a smiley snowflake from craft fun foam.

how to make a 3 d snowflake

3-D Paper Snowflake

Fold, cut and trim to make this 3-D Snowflake.

Crochet snowflake patternCrochet Snowflake

Pattern and instructions to crochet a snowflake.

snowflake craftsSnowflake Picture Frame Ornament

Glass mosaics add an artistic accent to the holidays.