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How to make a 3 d paper snowflake3D Paper Snowflake

3 Dimensional paper snowflake instructions and patterns.

snowflake craftsClothespin & Craft Stick Snowflakes

Use wooden clothespins and craft sticks to make these snowflake ornaments.

how to make a snowflake from twigsRustic Twig Snowflakes

Inexpensive nature craft made from twigs and string. Hang them on your tree or hang a few on the wall.

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Snowflake craftsSnowflake Tree Ornament

Paper snowflake tree crafted from printed scrapbook paper.

Snowflake ornament craft ideasSparkling Snowflakes Ornament

You can create a set of these glittery ornaments within an hour.


How to make a snowflake ornamentCrystal & Silver Beaded Snowflake

Learn to make a beaded snowflake with step by step instructions.

Winter craftsSnowflake Garden

Don't let the winter blues get you down. Have fun crafting this snowflake garden with the kids.

how to make a snowflakeSnowflake Craft

All that is used to make this snowflake is some string and fabric stiffiner.

how to make marshmallow snowflakesMarshmallow Snowflakes

Float these snowflake shaped marshmallows in a cup of hot chocolate.