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Santa ornament craft ideas

Paintbrush Santa Ornament

Use paint and a paintbrush to make this adorable Santa ornament.

how to make a felt santa ornament

Stuffed Triangle Santa Ornament

Little ones can get in on the fun putting together this quick to make Santa.

Santa craft ideasSquare Glass Santa Ornament

Simple and inexpensive, these Santa ornaments make great gifts.

santa spoon ornament craftPlastic Spoon Santa Ornament

All ages will love making this Santa ornament from a plastic spoon, cotton balls and a little origami folding.

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elf craftsClay Pot Elf Ornament

Use a small clay pot as the base for this little elf.

Santa craft ideasPosable Santa Ornament

Here is a sitter doll that is easy to create and is approximately 10" to 12".

elf craft ideasPosable Elf Ornament

Stitch an elf from felt and trims that can sit on your tree or on a shelf. This cute little guy will bring lots of cheer!

Santa craft ideasWooden Spoon Santa Ornament

Fun and simple Santa project for the whole family!

Mr & Mrs Claus crafts

Clothespin Mr. & Mrs. Claus

No sewing required to make these adorable Santa and Mrs. Claus Christmas ornaments.

Paper Mache Santa craftPaper Mache Santa Ornament

Foam board, paper mache, paint and yarn are the main ingredients to this whimsical Santa ornament.

Santa craftsHo Ho Santa Ornament

Hop in your sleigh and dash off to the nearest craft store for a few simple materials to make this Ho Ho Santa.

how to make an elf ornamentPasta Elf Ornament

Great Christmas project for older children or adults. Glue gun is required to complete this project.

elf craft patternRecycled Light bulb Elf

Transform a burnt out light bulb into an elf decoration for your tree.