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Christmas ornament craft Lightbulb reindeerLight bulb Reindeer

Recycle your night light bulbs into whimsical ornaments for your tree.

Craft foam Reindeer Christmas ornament craftCraft Foam Reindeer

Make Rudolph ornaments this year for an easy, any age christmas tree ornament craft

Felt Reindeer ornament craftFelt Reindeer

Fun sewing project from felt. Learn to make reindeer ornaments for your Christmas tree

Reindeer ornament crafted from wine corksWine Cork Reindeer

Recycle some of the wine corks you may have saved up during the holiday season.

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Rudolph and friends!

Reindeer ornaments of every kind can be found here. Whether you are looking for craft instructions to make reindeer ornaments from light bulbs, clothespins, popsicle sticks or craft foam you will find it here along with several other types of craft mediums.

Clothespin Reindeer Christmas ornamentClothespin Reindeer

Let kids have fun painting reindeer ornaments made from clothespins.

woven reindeer Christmas ornamentWoven Reindeer

Learn to weave this Reindeer ornament from flat wood reed.

Craft a reindeer Christmas ornament from popsicle sticksPopsicle Stick Reindeer

This reindeer is made by forming a triangle with three wooden craft sticks. Easy preschool craft.

Reindeer ball Christmas ornamentReindeer Ball Ornament

Make a reindeer ornament by gluing pompoms felt and googly eyes to a plain ornament.


Clay pot reindeer Christmas ornamentClay Pot Reindeer

This charming snowman and reindeer are made from clay pots.

Jingle Bell Reindeer Christmas ornament craftJingle Bell Reindeer

This ornament has an old fashioned copper look to it.

Puzzle Piece Reindeer Christmas ornamentPuzzle Piece Reindeer

Kids will love painting and gluing to make this ornament.

Peanut Reindeer ornamentPeanut Reindeer

Easy inexpensive craft made from - you guessed it - a peanut!