Mitten Garland - craftMitten Garland

Put mismatched mittens and a button collection to use making this homespun holiday garland.

Better Homes and Gardens has removed the instructions for this project but it is so lovely and easy to do that I am leaving the picture here to inspire you.

Felt Gingerbread GarlandFelt Gingerbread Garland

With some beads, felt and fabric paint, you can make scrumptious looking gingerbread garland.

How to make Christmas GarlandFaux Candy Garland

This Faux Candy Garland isn't just for Christmas. It can be used year round for parties.

How to make Gingerbread GarlandCraft Paper Gingerbread Garland

Folding and cutting instructions along with a full size pattern are provided to make this holiday garland.


Deck the Halls

Think of all the places you can hang garland inside and outside your home . We are confident that you will find just the right garlands you need to deck your halls right here.

How to make Gingerbread Cookie GarlandGingerbread Cookie Garland

These gingerbread friends hold hands to create a delicious holiday decoration for your mantel.

glitter ball garland craftGlitter Ball Garland

Make a glitter ball garland from Styrofoam balls, glitter and glue. Fun easy craft from Martha Stewart.

How to make an angel Christmas GarlandAngel Garland

These angels start with bell garland from the dollar store.

How to make snowflake garlandIce-Crystal Garland

Crochet snowflake pattern is include for this wintery garland project.

Christmas Garland CraftSweet Gingerbread Garland

Made from real gingerbread, this garland will look and smell yummy!

How to make an angel GarlandFortune Cookie Garland

The instruction on this garland are not very detail but if you click the photo, you will see a larger photo and it is pretty self explanatory.

How to make Christmas GarlandBay Leaf & Pomegranate Garland

You will enjoy this festive holiday swag well into the New Year!

Popcorn & Cranberry Garland

Popcorn & Cranberries Garland

Learn to make old-fashioned holiday garland from popcorn and cranberries.