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Crochet Thread Angel ornament craft

Crochet Thread Angel

With some crochet thread and ribbon you can learn to make this beautiful angel ornament.

paper star angel craftPaper Star Angel

Add dimension to this paper star angel by making folds in the stars. It's a fun and inexpensive ornament to make.

Angel ornament made from seashellsSeashell Angel

Save some shells from your trip to the beach, or pick some up at the craft store to make this angel ornament.

Angel ornament crochet patternCrochet Angel

Free crochet pattern to crochet this angel in flight Christmas ornament.

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From the heavens

There are so many angel ornaments scattered out there on the web. We have gathered a collection of them here for all you angel lovers.

Fabric Angel ornament sewing instructionsFabric Angel

Complete sewing instructions and pattern to make a fabric angel ornament or pin.

Tassel Angel ornament craft projectTassel Angel

Tassel angels can be made in a variety of colors to suit your taste.

Coffee Filter Angel ornamentCoffee Filter Angel

Easy and inexpensive kids Christmas craft.

Lightbulb Angel craftLight bulb Angel

Step by step instructions for creating an angel ornament from a light bulb.

ribbon Angel ornament craftSparkly Ribbon Angel

Grab some wired ribbon, watch this video and soon you will be well on your way to making your own angel ornaments.

Angel ornament craftPasta Angel

This angel is made of dry pasta and a wooden bead for the head.

Paper angel ornament craftPaper Doily Angel

This pretty little paper angel can be put together very quickly from a doily and glue.

angel photo ornamentPhoto Coffee Filter Angel

Made from a coffee filter, doily and photo, this angel ornament would make a great gift for a grandparent.